Our Premium Tanks Include Features You Can't Get Anywhere Else!
  • Baffle Plate Welded inside the tank.
  • Threaded Female Outlet Bottom Center 1/2" NPT.
  • Threaded Female 1/2" NPT Bung Top Center for Rollover Valve.
  • (2) Chrome Vented Caps-One Extra.
  • (2) Polished Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets.
  • New Feature: Rollover Safety Vent Valve Located Top Center.
10" Diameter x 30" Length
10 Gallons or 38 Liters*
* The amount of fluid a container will hold is impossible to give an exact rating.  Factors such as
temperature, altitude, and movement cause expansion and contraction of fluid. Also a tank should
never be filled to the rim.  Always leave some space in the top of the tank for expansion.
The Last 15 Years Coyote Gear Has Been The #1 Seller of Spun-Aluminum Fuel Tanks
10" Diameter x 24" Length
8 Gallons or 30 Liters*
10" Diameter x 33" Length
11 Gallons or 41.5 Liters*
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10" Diameter x 40" Length
3 Gallons or 49 Liters*